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Sunday, January 30, 2011
@ 11:21 PM

Ok, I haven blogged in ages. Keep getting nagged by my friends =x Been quite busy with Chingay. This Chingay has been full of ups and downs for me. Losing some close friends and getting new friends, it has been life testing. I'm quite happy that this year's Chingay has been quite fun, getting to know more people and at the same time, being a trainer, building up my leadership skills. Looking forward to taking more photos this year.

Brother and Sister =)

Dance brings us together.
Sunday, December 12, 2010
@ 9:52 PM

3rd World Junior Wushu Championships (cont.)

Macau Team

Brazil Team

USA Team

The Yu siblings (USA)
@ 9:35 PM

3rd World Junior Wushu Championships (cont.)

Philippines team

Ukraine Team

@ 9:25 PM

3rd World Junior Wushu Championships

With the Japanese Wushu Team

Sunday, November 21, 2010
@ 3:36 AM

Its been so freaking long since I last posted. Been quite lazy and wanted to change blogskin along with helping my another friend.

Shall update what happened today.

Morning Chingay practice. Weather was not too welcoming as it rained and stopped. Went over to Marina Square to meet Huiling, Pricillia, Jiewei and XiaoKai for Pizza Hut. After that, watched Megamind. Was a little tired and fell asleep for a while. After the movie, walked around City Link and the rest went off. Waited for my Secondary School clique to arrive. While waiting, went over to find Jessica, Aaron and Lloyd who were at Marina Square as well. Went to Suntec's Sizzler which was quite expensive but worth the price. On our way to the MRT station, saw Yuling and Hong Ming. Went over to play LAN at the Cathay for two hours. After which, we went over to the Rochor Tao Huay and on the way there, saw Wei Liang and Serene. At the Tao Huay place, saw Jessica, Aaron and Lloyd again. Joined them after my Secondary School clique left. We walked to *scape to slack around before going back home.
Wednesday, September 15, 2010
@ 10:51 PM

Will be back to posting starting next week.
Wednesday, August 18, 2010
@ 10:29 PM

Started work from Tuesday.

First day wasn't as bad as I thought. Managed to clinch 1 sales.

Second day, had 4 sales. Hit target and got the 5.5% commission. Starting to like my job more.
Sunday, August 15, 2010
@ 3:06 AM


Shisha session with the Unity clique.

My first trip to there. The environment was nice to have chat with friends. The finger food was quite okay. Only took a few puffs of it as I do not want to be addicted to it.


Supposedly to go back Unity for JYOF. But VP chased us out. Then me and You Yang went to Bukit Timah to play pool. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Managed to get two job offers. Went down to Yuhua Sec to find my wushu students. Had some chat with them. Made my way to Orchard afterwards to do some shopping. Spent $160 at Uniqlo =.=


Went for job interview. Hopefully I can get the job. Head down to RP for training at night.


Watched Aftershock with Jessica, Vicki and Seth at Plaza Singapura. The movie was quite touching but some abrupt cuts in the scenes. Went to play the UFO catchers awhile before making my way to Novena to celebrate Coach Xinru's birthday. For the first time, we had more than 15 people present. Managed to catch up with a few friends that we haven't seen for two years. Had dinner at NYDC. Following that, some of us went down to Red Dot Brewhouse to chill out. A lot random topics came out and we had quite some laugh. Really a nice play to chill out. Reached home at 2.30am.
Tuesday, August 10, 2010
@ 10:45 AM


Helped out for a National Day Dinner at Hong Lim Park. A lot of volunteers were present. Can see the smiles on some of the elderly's face. The last time I did community work was back in secondary school.